The MOVADO Group



    The Movado Group brings under its umbrella specialized companies for personnel and contract services. Throughout the industry, we provide companies and candidates with tailor-made solutions in the areas of temporary employment, personnel recruitment, personnel consulting, direct search as well as further education.


    Each company within the Movado Group has experience and competences that are specifically tailored to the needs requirement of the particular field in question.


    The advantage for you is that you are speaking with specialists!

    Technical - commercial personnel services

    Creativ Personaldienstleistungen is a specialist in technical - commercial personnel, on-site management and in-house service.

    Personnel services & personnel solutions for both the commercial and public sectors

    Jobsolutions is a specialist for commercial staff as well as for specialists in the public sector.

    Medicine, nursing and education

    MediCrew is a specialist in personnel services in the health and social care sectors. Always in the service of humankind.

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